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workshop conducta verbal en Nyon

 Os envío la información de un interesante workshop donde nos dan estrategias para tratar diferentes tipos de conductas mediante conducta verbal.

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Dealing with life at home and in the
community: Strategies for
professionals, parents and
caregivers of children with autism
spectrum disorders
Jennifer Donnelly, MADS, BCBA & Shiri Bartman, MA, BCBA
Toronto, Canada
October 7-8, 2011
Salle Conseil, Ferme du Manoir 
Place du Château 
1260 Nyon, Suisse
• Does your child have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep?
• Is your child not toilet trained?
• Would you like your child to play independently at home?
• Would you like to be able to take your child into the community without
problem behaviors?
• Is your child a picky eat or have specific foods they eat?
During the workshop, participants will learn how to teach various life skills
such as:
• Basic principles of ABA/VB
• Identifying goals and prerequisite skills
• Toileing skills for daytime and nighttime
• Independent leisure skills
• Interactive leisure skills
• Eating skills
• Behavior Management around community outings
• Sleeping Skills including bedtime routines and inconsistent sleep
• Basic data collection
• How to teach manding skills
• And much more!
The cost of the workshop per person includes :
Workshop booklet, coffee and refreshments. Meals, lodging and transportation are not included.
Registration Price: 450 CHF/370 Euro
Group Rate (min. 5 persons): 380 CHF/315 Euro
“Fidelity” OVA: 380 CHF/315 Euro
Associations : 380 CHF/315 Euro
Parents of OVA : 230 CHF/190 Euro
Students : 230 CHF/190 Euro
Association Objectif Vaincre l'Autisme
13 Avenue du Mont Blanc
1196 Gland, Suisse
Tél: +41 022 360 03 49


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